Surrey HR specialist and HR company Surrey Purple Star HR provide excellent human resource management services

HR Company in Surrey

Purple Star HR offers a range of affordable, time and money saving HR services on a flexible basis.

We work for all types of small to medium sized businesses in all industry sectors, and also have contracts with other types of organisations, such as educational institutions.

Quickly resolving burning issues. Many businesses come to us when they are in the midst of an issue that needs urgent attention.
The experienced, qualified experts at Purple Star HR are geared up to deal swiftly with those pressing concerns, settling them before they build up and become major issues.

Ongoing support. Once resolved and things are back to normal, we are often asked to put procedures in place so that the same issues do not reoccur.
This work can then be continued on a regular basis, but with total flexibility.

Ad hoc projects. We are sometimes asked to work on a project basis too, perhaps for a larger city corporation which needs a recruitment and selection campaign managed.

Reflecting your business values. The core philosophy of a business, and its goals, are of paramount importance to us and we make sure these are reflected in the work we do, instilling the right tone and values into everything from policies and procedures to staff induction and motivation techniques.

For all your HR needs, however and whenever you need them delivered, talk to Purple Star HR.


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